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E-Learning & Training

Elite AsiaIndustry SolutionsE-Learning & Training
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E-Learning & Training


Regardless of your company size, it is important to keep your employees as a unified and trained team. With globalisation, employees are no longer confined to one geographic and cultural location. This is when multilingual e-learning and training comes in handy.

Whether you are working with onboarding and training an international workforce, compliance training, skill enrichment, or leadership development, Elite Asia is here to help you achieve your goals. Let us take your dream team to the next level.

E-learning & Training
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Our E-learning & Training Services

Will enable you to
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Our solutions

5 types

Content Translation

Elite Asia is a trusted partner to produce and translate training content and e-learning courses quickly, accurately, and with optimised effectiveness.



With remote simultaneous interpretation, interpreters can engage remotely, over the telephone or the Internet. As on-site interpreters are not required, costs and carbon footprint would be greatly reduced, hence lightening the burden on event organisers.


Voiceover and subtitling

Elite Asia offers voice talents, multilingual recording, and subtitling services to produce fully localised training courses.



We offer a number of different types of Asia Transcription Services including meeting transcriptions, legal transcription, transcriptions for research or a focus group, corporate transcriptions and general content transcriptions.


Digital Publishing

Elite Asia provides accurate and timely translation and localisation services for you to publish content in over 100 languages, across all media.

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Contact Us

For any enquiries or quotations pertaining to our E-learning & Training, get in touch with our industry solutions department who can provide you with a quote. Simply Contact Us or Request A Quote directly.


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