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How does Elite Asia manage projects?

Elite AsiaAbout Elite AsiaHow does Elite Asia manage projects?
13 June 2019 Posted by Elite Asia About Elite Asia

Elite Asia follows a detailed process when managing projects. This process involves assigning a project manager, assigning a suitable translator and carrying out through quality checks.

The first step in an Elite Asia translation and/or localisation job is to assign you with a Project Manager. The Project Manager is your representative at Elite. He/She ensures we clearly understand and meet all your requirements. They will also ensure your on-going satisfaction throughout the duration of the project.

Our project management system gives you the confidence of knowing you have a single liaison point at all times. The following section outlines the typical life-cycle of document translation:

    • We obtain the source files from you for the translation/localisation of your document.
    • Our Project manager assesses the scope of the translators required for translation/localisation of your document.
    • We provide a detailed quote with a breakdown of the required translation/localisation services, along with a ‘request for translation’ form.
    • Upon signing of the quotation, we will start your project immediately. Non-confidentiality Agreements and/or Service Agreements can be drawn up for sensitive and confidential information or huge projects that span through a few weeks or months (this is a legal obligation that ensures both parties fulfil each requirement needed for the success of the project)
    • The project manager assigns the appropriate translator to work on your project. if requested, the translator will create a Translation Memory while doing the translation (this is suitable for huge projects with repetitive terminology).
    • Once completed, a native proof-reader will review and edit the translations accordingly.
    • For Quality Assurance (QA), we then check for any inconsistencies that may have occurred during the translation process and corrects them accordingly (these could be due to linguistic or cultural differences during translation).
    • The translated product is submitted to you for review.
    • Changes, if any, are implemented after you have reviewed the files. We provide unlimited revision till satisfaction within the stipulated revision period (usually is 2 weeks) without additional cost on your end.
    • The final product is delivered to you by your choice of either email or FTP.

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