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How does Elite Asia ensure the quality of our linguists?

Elite AsiaAbout Elite AsiaHow does Elite Asia ensure the quality of our linguists?
13 June 2019 Posted by Elite Asia About Elite Asia

Elite Asia uses accredited native-speaking translators.

All our translators have gone through a qualification and experience check, which involves reviewing their profiles and translation samples, as well as a test translation which is specific to their area of expertise.

With so many translators and ‘so-called translators’ in the industry, we have found these requirements extremely effective in choosing high-quality translators for you.

Elite Asia’s editors and linguistics reviewers generally have degrees in their appropriate language, or degrees in translation (with Honours in Grammer of their language). Alternatively, they may be experts in the subject of the project.

At Elite Asia’s translators are chosen according to their source and target language capability, translation skills, learning capability, knowledge structure, etc. We then select the appropriate individual from a large number of candidates to handle your translation projects.

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