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How to Strategise Your Digital Marketing in 2023

Elite AsiaMarketingHow to Strategise Your Digital Marketing in 2023
21 February 2023 Posted by eliteasia Marketing No Comments

In this modern world, the way people do marketing has been shifting from the conventional way to the digital era. Inevitably, the generation nowadays is more interested in something visually appealing to drive public opinion or market behaviour. So, companies need to prepare a digital marketing strategy to compete in the market by learning the digital marketing trend in 2023.

We can see some noticeable changes over the years in how people market their products on digital platforms. From websites to social media, sellers could introduce their brand and products through multiple platforms. The social media platforms itself, competing in adding more features to enable the sellers to make their marketing strategy more attractive to the customers.

Digital marketing trends are changing at a fast pace. What is considered popular today might not be so favourable next week. It would be best if your business keeps up with the latest trend in digital marketing tools to plan your marketing campaign strategy.

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware on 2023

  1. User Generated Content 

The trend of what people call “honest reviews” is now more popular than ever. With many emerging new businesses, content about reviewing a place or goods helps the audience to deduct and decide which one they will try or buy. These trends also open up opportunities for content creators to affiliate with the business owner to promote their products.

  1. Ads Are Getting Shorter 

The duration of TV commercials is getting shorter, keeping at 60 seconds or less. Furthermore, even some platforms such as Youtube and Snapchat make very effective 6-second ads and even give the option for the audience to skip the ads if it is too long. On the other hand, some platforms like Instagram and TikTok still enable users to make promotional videos at 45-60 seconds. This makes business owners strategise the ads to be compact and deliver all the messages in a shorter time.

  1. Interactive Content

Instagram Live, TikTok Live, and e-commerce live shopping feature is a real boost for your sales. This might include interviews with influencers while offering special promotional prices during the live session or running flash sales to flush out the stocks. It is also favourable since the audience could interact with the host of the live session themselves.

  1. Conversational Marketing

While the attention span watching commercials is getting shorter, it also makes them less likely to be patient enough to wait for a response if they have any questions regarding the services or goods they are planning to buy. Chatbot and the live chat feature are some of the solutions to solve this problem, including the function to redirect the customer to chat with the sellers personally. 

  1. Omnichannel Marketing

With many competitors in the market, you want to put your business on as many platforms as possible to maximise your exposure. The more accessible your business will be to the customers, the better it will be. For example, you could find marketing tools that allow you to share multiple links on social media that encourage your customers to access your online shop and websites and even redirect them to chat with your admin.

Customer Experience Become The Utmost Priority

With all the marketing strategies you could make, it was all down to one thing: to make a better customer experience and close the deal. According to research from PWC, 86% of the customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. By following the trend to plan your digital marketing strategy, another thing you could do to set your business apart from your competitors is to localise and make it available to be marketed worldwide. In Elite Asia, our team of professional linguists is ready to offer you Multilingual Media and Marketing Solutions to leverage your digital marketing strategy one step ahead of your competitors.

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