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How to Localise Your Brand to An Asian Market?

Elite AsiaLocalisationHow to Localise Your Brand to An Asian Market?
9 January 2020 Posted by eliteasia Localisation No Comments

If you are looking to localise your brand for the Asian market, you should know it’s quite a bit of a challenge compared to other areas. Why? The cultural preferences are different from region to region.

For instance, sometimes Western brand slogans are adapted to fit in with the local culture in some areas, whereas in others, they are left the same. It all depends on what is acceptable for that marketplace.

Extensive research is the only real way to understand and identify the guidelines for appropriate localisation in Asia. Translation teams need to exercise caution when working and studying target demographics, because some of the nuances of certain cultures may not be as readily discernible if there is a lack of local understanding and knowledge.

How successful your business is when operating in other markets around the world depends on the effectiveness of your localisation. It can help your business grow. When you seek out the help of a translation team as part of your localisation efforts, they will help in several ways, by translating your website, marketing materials, information about products and slogans associated with your brand, as well as any other content, informational or promotional.

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How to Localise a Company or Brand Slogan

Localising your brand or company slogan, something that separates you from your competitors, is the perfect way to get across to your new marketplace what your company is about and what you offer. It can be difficult when localising your brand slogan because you need to consider how it will be received and resonate with your new target customers. You will find Asia and its marketplace have a variety of cultural, linguistic and historical backgrounds.

Localising the slogan is one of the most effective ways, though of establishing a positive association with your products, services and company with the audience you are targeting. There are several key things you need to remember when doing it so it can be used most effectively for marketing your company.

This includes

  • Not translating it directly word for word – because most slogans consist of witty phrases and catchy sayings. Something that works for a predominately western audience, may not work so well, if at all, in an Asian market. Unless you want to be like Pepsi and tell your Asian market that you can bring their relatives back from the grave – they actually made this mistake!
  • Locating experts with local knowledge about the language of the people you are targeting – the best way to ensure accurate translation of your slogan is achieved is by using linguists from the area in question or at least those with extensive knowledge and experience of the language.
  • Looking beyond just localising your slogan – Translation for Asia needs to go beyond the normal guidelines for localisation. It is better to use transcreation, rather than just straightforward translation.
  • Trying to localise the colour and imagery of your company brand too – It’s not just the message and the text you need to translate when localising your slogans and brand. The imagery and colours should be appropriately translated and altered, if necessary, to appeal to your target market.

Remember these important tips before entering the Asian market!

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