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How To Hire A Consecutive Interpreter

Elite AsiaInterpretationHow To Hire A Consecutive Interpreter
9 May 2023 Posted by eliteasia Interpretation No Comments

If you’re in need of a consecutive interpreter for your next event or international business meeting, read on to discover some of the best tips when it comes to hiring a consecutive interpreter.

What Is Consecutive Interpreting?

When speeches are given to an international audience, it is necessary sometimes for a consecutive translation to be part of the event so that any parties in attendance who do not speak the language can hear and understand what is being said in real-time.

During a consecutive interpretation, a speaker will deliver the speech in one language, and every few sentences they will pause, and the interpreter will take over and reiterate what they have said in another language. This way, everyone in attendance is fully aware at the same time of what is being discussed, making the event more cohesive. The interpreter can be given the speech ahead of time so that they can discern any difficult words, or discover the best way to translate a sentence, or they can be given an image or document before the event begins.

Consecutive interpreting is usually used for international business meetings, speeches to an audience which needs bilingual translation, visits to sites and tour guides in small groups, medical appointments where important information is given, press conferences, in court or HR interviews. It is possible to have one interpreter to provide a running commentary translation of what is being said, or you can have multiple translators each speaking to the guests of varied languages.

Top Tips When Choosing Your Consecutive Interpreter

  • Choose an interpreter who is skilled in the sector you will be discussing. This is essential if you are giving a talk or need translation where sector-specific words will be used. For example, legal, health, medical or military. The last thing you want is for someone not to be able to convey your message accurately and clearly in the other language.
  • Choose an interpreter who is local, for example, if you are in Kuala Lumpur then someone who lives in the area should be your first port of call if you need them to attend in person. However, remote simultaneous interpreting, for example over Zoom, is also possible and is often more affordable if the internet connection or phone signal at your location is good enough.
  • Select an experienced interpreter who not only has the skill to translate, but also has the ability to stand in front of an audience, listen carefully to a lot of speech and then translate the speech accurately. If the translator has to pause for too long, it can disturb the flow of communication.
  • Find someone who is most suitable for the style of consecutive interpreting someone who can convey jokes or other informalities well to create a real chemistry with the listener and make them feel involved in the event to a greater degree.

If you need quality consecutive interpreting, get in touch with Elite Asia today. We have lots of talented individuals who can appear in person or be present on a virtual call to accurately and quickly provide a high standard of consecutive interpreting whatever event you are hosting, or meeting you are intending.

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