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How to Fully Optimise Your Local Landing Pages

Elite AsiaLocalisationHow to Fully Optimise Your Local Landing Pages
26 December 2019 Posted by eliteasia Localisation No Comments

Local landing pages are worth creating for your business, for several reasons. They help with your organic search optimisation, promotion of new and unique content, generate leads build your brand reputation while improving the experience of your users. However, when it comes to creating local landing pages, a lot of business owners shy away from the challenge.

If you realise the benefits of having them though and are looking for some help, you’ve come to the right place, because in the following post we are going to look at some tips for how you can create effective local landing pages that are fully optimised for search engines.

Improve the Load Time

You may not have realised it, but the load time of your site can have a negative impact on the number of sales you generate. Look at it this way – modern customers have come to expect that they can just get whatever they want and when they want it. If then, your website doesn’t load quickly enough on either a computer or mobile device, they will just look elsewhere.

By using Google’s speed testing tool, you can learn how fast your site runs and they also provide recommendations on how to improve it.

Optimise Your Site For Mobile Devices

Customers are unlikely to recommend your business to other people if you have a mobile site that doesn’t run well. It could even be the case that the mobile-first index that Google uses could already be using the version of your site that’s designed for mobiles as the main in terms of their search indexes. With that in mind, you need to ensure your local landing pages work properly on mobile handsets. Fast-loading and responsive landing pages and sites are the most ideal from the perspective of mobile users. Test landing pages on Android and iOS phones and devices to see how well they perform and adjust accordingly.

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Use a Standardised Format for Your Contact Details

Local landing pages work as placeholders for local stores and make it quick and easy for customers to get the details they need. It’s important to optimise your local landing pages by ensuring there is consistency across your profile, so your landing pages should match your Google My Business spot. If there are differences it could confuse not just the search index used by Google, but your visitors too.

Check the Image Alt Titles and Text

Alternative tags are important and should be used on all the images found on local landing pages. They work like descriptions for images that make your images easy to understand on search engines. When you use website creator tools like WordPress and add images, a title tag is generated automatically based on their filenames. However, alt text is normally blank. Meaning, that only a simple version will appear unless you create one. Alt tags should be different from the other tags, use keywords you want to rank for and describe the images very accurately.

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