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How to Attract Millennials to Your E-Commerce Platform?

Elite AsiaRetail & E-commerceHow to Attract Millennials to Your E-Commerce Platform?
28 November 2019 Posted by eliteasia Retail & E-commerce No Comments

People who were born in the period from 1980 to 2000, who are affectionately (depending on how you see the name) known as millennials, are old enough and earn enough that what they are spending money on can have an impact on your business profits. They are leading this more and more connected world we find ourselves in. How, though, do you attract millennials to your e-commerce site, so they spend with you, rather than somewhere else?

It can feel like a mountainous challenge to try and build a marketing strategy to catch them. It’s not impossible though and if you are looking to encourage more millennials to your platforms, we can help you understand the trends related to them that can help you build better strategies.

Millennials Love Brands

Thanks to the evolution and advancements of technology and social media, it’s easier for brands and consumers to connect. Consumers are interested in buying from people, rather than big businesses.

You will have a better chance of attracting consumers to your brand if they feel they can relate to it. Ask any millennial consumer how they feel about brand loyalty and they’ll likely tell you they are as loyal to their brands as their parents were. So, if you want to secure those regular customers, you need to put effort into your side of the relationship.

You can do this by ensuring that your online profile and reputation are bulletproof. You want to make sure that it’s as good as it can be. Millennials aren’t afraid of doing a bit of research. You need to also consider establishing a loyalty programme. Reward them for their continued purchases from you and encourage them to make more.

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Millennials Use All Channels

There is an interesting parallel between millennials and the technology they use. As millennials get older, the technology they use continues to evolve and a greater number of devices are now available than were at the start of the ’80s, ’90s or even ’00s. Modern consumers are not using longer and more varied paths on the way to making purchases and millennials fronting this revolution. So, it’s important to use data and take a multichannel strategy to appeal to those types of consumers.

You can do this by staying agile and making sure your business is all the places your target audience is.

  • So, avoid putting all your eggs into one basket, make sure you have representation on all the popular channels.
  • You also need to fully optimise your webstore. There are not many things worse than paying a lot for digital marketing only to have visitors to your website leave without spending a penny. So, make sure it’s functioning properly and laid out in an easy to navigate around and appealing way.
  • You need to use a fully dedicated e-commerce platform. Rather than trying to do things a clever way with lots of different channels, use a fully dedicated and unified multichannel e-commerce platform.

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