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How Does Being in a Multiracial Society Influence an Individual Language

Elite AsiaLinguisticsHow Does Being in a Multiracial Society Influence an Individual Language
13 August 2020 Posted by eliteasia Linguistics No Comments

As globalisation is on the rise, more countries are starting to become multiracial as the world becomes more interconnected. Furthermore, living in a multiracial society means listening to many different languages growing up. In this article, we will discuss how being in a multiracial society influence an individual language.

Effects of being in a multiracial society

The society we live in shapes our language. Therefore, even the smallest things like a change in tone or voice are part of communication techniques that we learn from living in a certain society. What this means is that we will be hearing all sorts of different languages and learning about other races as well.

Due to living in a multiracial society, we may end up forming words that are only exclusive to the country. This means forming a word which is only understood by the people living in that society. The beauty of this is that regardless of what race we are, we will still be able to understand what a word means and when it’s applicable. Take Singapore as an example. We have Singlish, which is also known as Singapore colloquial language. Despite our races, Singlish is still a common language to us.

Another effect of being in a multiracial society is learning another language in a country. This results in us becoming bilingual.

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How does learning more than one language influence an individual?

Learning more than one language definitely plays more to our advantage due to less instances of language barriers and being able to embrace different languages around us. Here are some examples of how knowing more than one language benefits us:

Increases job prospects

Since living in a multiracial society allows us to pick up more than one language, it gives us a greater opportunity to build connections and find jobs more easily. More often than not, jobs generally require more than just one language. This also helps to broaden our knowledge on different work cultures.

Not worrying about language barriers overseas

Many people often have the fear of experiencing language barriers overseas. We are afraid that the natives living there would not understand us at all. This could result in miscommunication and cause confusion along the way. Living in a multiracial society also means that we have more options on which countries to go to. Since we have been taught more than one language at a tender age, we would know these languages well enough to communicate with the natives living in another country.

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