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How does AI Translation Help Technology Companies Lower Translation Budget

Elite AsiaTechnologyHow does AI Translation Help Technology Companies Lower Translation Budget
23 October 2020 Posted by eliteasia Technology No Comments

Technology companies strive to enter the market and occupy a leading position among the industry with innovative technologies and idea. They make use of every available and suitable technology to help build their empire. In the area of language service, AI translation is recognised as the perfect weapon against translation budget usage.

Instant Multilingual Translation

The international business market is a cosmopolitan landscape with endless possibilities for growth, and technology firms are all looking to launch a global business. Multilingual customers bring along a series of language and cultural challenges which fuels the demand of language services for the technology companies.

Instant multilingual translation has been glorified as one of the most captivating features of AI translation technology. Being trained with all available data, the software approaches a stepping stone towards serving thousands of different languages. Thanks to the constant data input and self-learn feature, such a multilingual model will be easily extended to other new languages. Simply by one click, documents can be translated into all required languages, bridging the language barrier between customers and the company. It dramatically reduces the cost of translation, saving the expense of appointing numbers of linguists for different languages.

AI Translation’s Memory and Glossary

Introducing and explaining new concepts, services and products is the daily task for companies in the technology industry. New terminologies and technical terms are nothing unusual either on the company’s webpage, product leaflet, advertisement and even financial document. A verbatim and consistent translation are essential to make the new concept easily accessible to multilingual users.

With the automated translation software, not only does it suggest appropriate translation for new terms, but it also creates an individual translation memory and glossary for the project. Linguists are then able to follow approved phrases and wordings to define the unique concept being invented. Reusing the translations from previous projects is particularly beneficial in translation cost-saving while maintaining high consistency. Elite Asia is diligent in pre-translation research and translation memory building and offer discounted price for repeated words and phrases.

Technical Support for AI Translation

Operating with only brick-and-mortar stores is almost impossible in such digital world. Webpages and apps are the common business platforms for technology companies to reach out to their global customers. Apart from plain words, these e-commerce platforms consist of graphic design, multiple layers and other assistant application such as chatbot. Translators and editors used to spend an awful lot of time pasting the translation and adjusting the spacing, wasting translation budget.

With the ability of separating and preserving text layers and graphics, AI translation saves the pain and time as problems such as shifting text boxes and spacing no longer exist. It serves as a great help for the localisation team to build up a global template for multilingual webpages, maintaining control over visual presentation including user interface. Significant amount of money for post-translation editing services can be saved by such technical support feature.

Every enterprise now has to execute global marketing campaigns in order to survive in the stiff competition. Fully utilising all available AI technologies is an effective way to build a connection between the brand and the international public with reasonable translation budget.

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