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GRI Certified: Elite Asia’s Commitment to Sustainability

Elite AsiaESGGRI Certified: Elite Asia’s Commitment to Sustainability
26 February 2024 Posted by eliteasia ESG Press Release No Comments

February 26th 2024 – Elite Asia, a trusted provider of ESG solutions for companies across Asian markets, has now taken the step to become GRI certified with the aim of promoting and supporting the GRI Standard’s use to improve and enhance sustainability reporting across the board. 

On 16 November 2023, Elite Asia became a Certified GRI Community Member, joining the many other reputable organisations around the globe working together to advance sustainability reporting. With greater transparency comes a move towards greater sustainability both in the economy and in the world overall. Elite Asia believes firmly in this principle and is committed to demonstrating its benefits through membership of this forward-thinking community.

Elite Asia – Certified GRI Community Member

About GRI

The GRI Standards represent as the world’s most widely-used and is the oldest standards for reporting a Company’s sustainability practices, achievements, as well as impacts to related stakeholders. Having been developed through multi-stakeholder contributions, they are founded in the interest of the wider public, reflecting the ever-growing expectations amongst stakeholders and, indeed, from society as a whole for businesses to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Currently, almost three-quarters of the 250 biggest companies worldwide are now using GRI standards or guidelines, while almost 170 policies in just under 70 countries worldwide make reference to the Standards are demand their use.

Enabling companies to report publicly the impact that their activities are having in a transparent and structured way, the Standards assist businesses in indicating their positive contributions towards the goal of sustainable development. Their aim is to facilitate the public disclosure of an organisation’s significant environmental, social, and economic impacts and, thus, its contributions towards wider overall sustainable development goals. While also facilitating the public with transparent information according to the nine principles of GRI reporting. These principles include accurate quantitative data, balanced and unbiased disclosure, clarity and readability, comparability within three past years’ practices, complete and thorough story, verifiable statement, committed publication time, and beyond, all from sustainability and a long-term impact point of view.

All types of organisations are able to benefit from the use of the GRI Standards, which allow information users and stakeholders alike to have a clear understanding of what organisations can be expected to report upon in terms of sustainability. Equipped with the information supplied under the Standards, they can examine the impact of the business and compare it with that of other companies. The comparability aspect of GRI standard principles benefits stakeholders to see the company’s commitment in reducing negative impacts and strengthening value over the past three years. They can clearly see from the information that has been reported how the company is integrating development sustainability into its long-term strategy in order to evaluate its success in the long run and pinpoint any potential financial risks that could be incurred.

Thanks to the information supplied by the organisation, other information users like policymakers, academics, and analysts can also be better informed when forming policies, researching and benchmarking. Furthermore, the organisation itself can use its disclosed information in order to further assess its strategies and policies and to guide its future decision-making processes, for example setting targets and goals.

About Elite Asia

Elite Asia has committed to GRI Certification to reap the numerous advantages that membership can bring. A sustainable business model comes with a host of benefits, including cost savings, improved long-term thinking, better employee engagement, enhanced customer loyalty, greater innovation and brand differentiation, and by gaining a deep understanding of its impact through a trusted, objective, and transparent method of reporting, it can then learn to manage it in a more effective way. These are aims that Elite Asia holds onto firmly as part of its dedication to guiding companies across Asia towards a future in which the principles of sustainability can be fully implemented. 

Elite Asia offers a comprehensive ESG solution comprising consultation, marketing, report creation and content localisation across APAC with a primary focus on Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. By supporting wide-ranging organisations to implement the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance into their operations, Elite Asia aims to propel businesses forward into a positive future of greater sustainability and positive impact. To learn more about Elite Asia and its ESG solution, get in touch today.

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