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Going Global by Localising Your Website

Elite AsiaBusiness LocalisationGoing Global by Localising Your Website
17 January 2023 Posted by eliteasia Business Localisation No Comments

In this fast-paced technological world, where information is vastly spread via the internet, is making your website easily accessible in your region and even across nations. Localising websites is getting more popular because businesses understand that most people expect a website and its content to be localised with the language they are familiar with. Website localisation is more like customising your website to be aligned with the culture, customs, and norms of your specific target region’s preference. Therefore, website localisation is a great solution if you plan to enter a new market.

The Benefit of Website Localisation

According to a Common Sense Advisory report in 2006, 72.4% of customers worldwide are more likely to buy products or services in their native language. A larger-scale behavioural study in 2014 concludes that 75% of respondents prefer the product to be in their native language. And here are 3 main reasons you would like to localise your website:

  • Brand Recognition

Your website should be able to convey the brand, products, services, and all of the content as interesting as possible in each language you want to target. Therefore, giving your customer a good experience while they’re visiting your website is a must. This would build their trust and increase your brand credibility in your target market’s mind.

  • Better Customer Engagement

Most of the primary objective for any online business is to convert website visitors into buyers. By localising your website, your reach would be expanded, people would be engaged and lingered longer, and they feel comfortable moving around the webpage in their language. As they got comfortable and had a good experience with your website, it would make your brand the top of mind of the customers. In the future, they will revisit your website or even recommend your brand to their friends and family. Website localisation creates an opportunity to gain more audiences, taking a step further into closing the gap between your company and your target audiences.

  • Better Positioning in the Global Market

Localising your website is the first move to enter the global market, as it opens up more opportunities to introduce your brand to global customers. By understanding the customers better, you also could build a marketing strategy to approach each of your targets more effectively.

Outsourcing Localisation Service Provider

There are also a lot of choices on how you would localise your websites, such as translation agencies, localisation service providers, freelancers, or even an in-house localisation team. Instead of hiring someone in-house or freelancers to localise your website, you might want to consider outsourcing a localisation service provider.

An experienced localisation service provides will not only translate the languages, but also localise the culture, images, colour, currency, and lifestyle of their target market. Their linguist team consists of skilled and experienced translators with industry knowledge who will work on the localisation with accuracy and quality. The programming team also helps to develop the coding of your website for it to be able to hold multiple languages. They will handle the quality of the localisation of your website, so while you’re focusing on running your business, you can be sure that your localisation project is in good hands.

Using the Assist of Machine Translation

The utmost advantage of using machine translation is that it could translate massive volumes of words in a very short time. Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a developing AI translation technology that uses the context of sentences to translate them into another language. NMT constantly learns and improves its knowledge, and it will be more accurate over time. Although the accuracy and quality could not be compared with human translation, in the terms of time efficiency, NMT could save up to 25% post-editing time.

In Elite Asia, we provide what we called Machine Translation plus Post Editing (MTPE), we combine machine translation with post-editing by our native linguists, producing localised content suitable for your targeted audience.

Localising Your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website to gain more visibility on search engines. It became crucial because you would like your website to appear on the first page of the search result when people type certain keywords. This would give your website more exposure, traffic, and ultimately, conversion.

People search for information on the search engine in the language they are most comfortable with. Specific phrases and terms in your localised SEO could make you stand out from other competitors. The more accurate keywords you have on your website, the further you put yourself into the networks.

Elite Asia is a leading one-stop translation company that can help you localise and level up your website. We provide translation and website localisation services in several major languages. With a team of credible experienced translators that are experts and specialised in their fields, Elite Asia will also help you target your audiences to push your website to its best potential.

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