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Get Quality Certified Translation Services For Police Reports

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationGet Quality Certified Translation Services For Police Reports
18 April 2023 Posted by eliteasia Certified Translation No Comments

Planning to move to a different country, it’s essential you have a suitable long-term visa for the duration of your intended stay. This can involve a lot of paperwork for the authorities and your potential employers, and a key part of this is usually a certified translation of a recent police report sent with the application for the visa.

What Are Police Reports?

A police report is an up-to-date official document that you can obtain from the country you live in which shows lots of information about your behaviour such as your criminal history (if you have one) and whether you have been imprisoned or been to court for a certain offence, the fines given for the act and much more.

Police reports around the world come in a variety of formats and names, and there are also simple documents and more complex ones with more detailing. They may be called police reports, police records, a criminal record or a police clearance certificate. Wherever you live, you can request a copy of your report from the local police station which should have access to the national database to be able to print a copy off.

Why Do Police Report Need Translation?

If you are applying for a visa in a country such as the UK, USA or Canada, then you need to supply this report so they can conduct a criminal background check and determine your suitability for a visa. If you are moving overseas for a career, then they may request to see your police report, especially if you plan on working in security roles, government positions or in aviation. You may even need it to get a driving license in certain countries.

When moving to a country which is not in the official language of the country you’ve left, a certified translation is most likely to be needed. You may even need a notarised police report if your original police report is not written in English, for example, Spanish, French, Arabic or Malay.

What To Look For In A First-Class Certified Translation Service Provider?

  • Native translators who have experience in the certified translation of police documents to and from a variety of languages
  • Can create and sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the confidentiality of your documents
  • Can create a well-translated, error-free copy of your document and can have it notarised if needed.
  • Is reasonably priced for the level of service they offer, expect to pay a little extra for a service that will go above and beyond your expectations and deliver quickly.

If you need a police document translated and certified or notarised, get in touch with Elite Asia today and we can provide you with a first-rate certified translation service for whatever you need the document for. We have experience translating all kinds of legal and business documents, and what’s more, we offer a huge choice of language pairs so no matter where in the world you are moving, you can be sure we speak your language!

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