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FUZON For The Government Industry

Elite AsiaGovernmentFUZON For The Government Industry
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Due to globalisation, people are moving all around the continent due to work, marriage, education and retirement. In this case, they will be bringing their own culture and language into another foreign country.

number of international migrants in 2017

However, most countries will require the immigrant to learn their own country language. This has certainly posed a problem for most immigrants as research has shown that it takes 10,000 hour for an individual to master a new language. Typically, immigrants can learn a new language in three to four years if they attend language classes regularly. But during that learning period, governments will need to find ways to communicate with them. Without language access, most immigrants will feel the services of the government are not accessible to them.

How can FUZON assist?

1.Government Service

In this area, government agencies are required to provide meaningful access to language services as communities are changing. FUZON, Over the Phone Interpreting platform is the right solution, which can provide interpretation in real time. This will reduce the frustration of the immigrant population and allow the government to provide a cohesive environment for them to speak in their native language.

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Introduction to FUZON

2. Legal Service

Due to the vast amount of migration around the world, government officials would require a proper Interpretation system both immigration and naturalization interviews. With FUZON Over the Phone Interpreting platform, officials are able to create new appointments for their choice of language interpretation and the number of interpreters they require at any given time.

At the same time, FUZON can serve as a valuable asset for lawyers during litigation or any other legal situation. With 350 plus languages and Sign Language,it allows legal professionals to quickly connect to a qualified professional legal interpreter within 10 seconds at a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite interpreting.

3. Hospitality and Tourism

With migration on the rise, it has a great impact on tourism. Friends and relatives of the migrants will travel during the festive season to visit them. In this way, there is a demand for a proper communication tool in the hospitality and tourism industry as people are coming from all over the world to take a vacation in your country.

Tourism management can be vastly improved with a straightforward interpretation tool such as FUZON, which allows service providers to schedule an appointment with an over the phone interpreter in situations where tourists are unable to communicate their message during hotel check in.

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