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Expert Legal Translation For Mergers And Acquisition

Elite AsiaLegalExpert Legal Translation For Mergers And Acquisition
20 December 2022 Posted by eliteasia Legal No Comments

When you need the highest level of translation service where business dealings are involved, it is imperative that you choose a language service provider capable of delivering accurate translations to the highest of standards. Mistakes and errors can lead to huge issues where mergers and acquisitions are concerned, so it’s worth taking the time to get things done right.

Why You Need Professional Translation Service For Business Mergers And Acquisition

Once a buyer has decided to move forward with a merger or acquisition, it’s essential that both parties ensure that future negotiations go smoothly and that both sides understand exactly what is being agreed upon.

Where a translation service comes in to provide professional, legal and competent service for the parties is if an international merger or acquisition is taking place. There are many parts to such a process, and it’s not necessarily the last step of accurate paperwork that takes precedence.

You should have a bilingual translator in attendance when the company directors or representatives are introduced to each other, during the discussions concerning offers and negotiation talks, in regard to due diligence and purchase agreements, and finally for deal closure.

There is lots of paperwork and documentation at each of these stages, and that’s where having someone dedicated can really help everything move smoothly without delays.

What Documents Need To Be Translated?

With any acquisition or merger, a vast amount of documentation is generated, and this can become confusing if much of it is in a language the other party does not speak fluently.

A dedicated language service provider will ensure that every document is translated to a high standard and localised, whether it is a legal document, financial plans and paperwork or terms of the agreement. It is also wise to have everything translated accurately in case there is a later disagreement that needs to be sorted out in court.

The main types of documents that translation services normally deal with in acquisitions and mergers include company profiles, asset reports, written agreements, minutes of meetings, financial reporting documents, letters to and from both parties in the official language, government business documents for registration, high-importance legal documents, sales reports and manufacturing reports.

What To Look For In A Translation Service For Your Merger Or Acquisition?

A company with a long history of conducting such affairs should be a top consideration, with expertise in business dealings as opposed to generic translation. A business interpreter should be a priority as they will be familiar with all of the terminology. It’s also important that they are culturally aware of both parties, and are able to offer guidance in this respect. The translation company should have native translators experienced in the laws of the land and have a wealth of experience translating legal, financial and business documents.

If your company is about to undergo a merger or acquisition, or it’s something you’re considering, reach out to Elite Asia today and put your company in the best possible position from the start of the business agreement until it is finalised and signed.

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