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Elite Asia Rolls Out A New Customer-Centric Platform

Elite AsiaPress ReleaseElite Asia Rolls Out A New Customer-Centric Platform
19 July 2021 Posted by eliteasia Press Release No Comments

Elite Asia is proud to announce the release of Elite Asia Client Portal on 15th July 2021, a UX-enhanced collaborative platform that helps manage multilingual translation projects.

Elite Asia Client Portal aims to provide a wide range of translation services in more than 100 languages. Through the cloud-based platform, users can organise orders, projects and invoices collaboratively. Multiple users can be invited to use the portal under one corporate account
without extra cost. With the real-time tracking and order history function, users can check the order and project progress online anytime and retrieve translation files whenever necessary.

Benefited from the automated and simplified translation process system, users can cut off all manual email and file exchanges to eliminate handling errors and respond to orders two times quicker. EA Client Portal also comes with AI technology, providing automatic translation, website translation automation and customisable API integration services, reducing up to 30% of the cost over time.

Hong Yin Yin, founder and director of Elite Asia, said: “Since we first started our translation business 15 years ago, we fully understand the challenges of managing multilingual content projects and meeting shorter and continuous time-to-market targets. With the help of the latest technologies, we hope the portal can provide our users with a seamless and transparent translation experience at an affordable price.”

Thanks to technological advancement these days, the translation industry has been integrating the latest technologies into their solutions to enhance performance and reduce cost. Elite Asia‘s business model has also shifted to a heavier investment in technology and a refocus on innovation. The company’s solutions are aggregates of an uncompromising approach to address clients’ needs, partnering with them at a deeper level and going beyond just being a service provider.

With the Elite Asia Client Portal, users are able to utilise three innovative technologies for their translation projects, including:

Neural Machine Translation
Elite Asia has developed its neural machine translation engine which has proven to produce more human-like and fluent translations. Context is taken into account to ensure higher translation quality and accuracy.

Translation Management System (TMS)
Elite Asia Client Portal’s translation management system supports the automation and management of the translation process, saving time and money. All term bases and translation memories are kept in the TMS, helping to eliminate segmentation and avoid inconsistent translation.

Cloud-based Technology
Our cloud-based TMS enables multiple user accounts to be created under one single corporate account without any need to pay the user licence fee. Our TMS provides scalable and large cloud storage for translation content management, unlimited projects and translation file support.

Elite Asia Client Portal will be available starting 15th July 2021 at www.eliteasia.co/client-portal.


About Elite Asia
Elite Asia enables businesses to market and communicate effectively across Asian markets, and to overcome business complexities brought on by cultural and linguistic barriers. Since its inauguration in 2006, this regional powerhouse has helped businesses navigate effortlessly across East Asia and Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, the company serves multinational companies and regional firms through innovative language solutions powered by technology and people, and by communicating with clarity, expressing within the cultural context, and speaking with conviction.


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