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Elite Asia Becomes GRESB Partner: Driving Real Estate Sustainability

Elite AsiaESGElite Asia Becomes GRESB Partner: Driving Real Estate Sustainability
26 February 2024 Posted by eliteasia ESG Press Release No Comments

February 26th 2024 – Elite Asia, a leading provider of ESG solutions across the Asian marketplace, has now become an official GRESB Partner, reflecting its mission to help businesses develop effective future strategies that will boost their lagging performances while communicating their commitment to sustainability more effectively to their stakeholders. 

Elite Asia is pleased to announce that it has now officially partnered with GRESB, Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark. As an Official Partner, the organisation is now able to reap the many benefits of partnership when it comes to driving change within the real estate sector.

Elite Asia is pleased to announce that it has now officially partnered with GRESB, Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark.

Driving Transparency and Compliance in Sustainability with GRESB

World regulators and governments are now seeking to address a number of key issues including social inequality and climate change through the implementation of new policies and regulations that are having a direct impact on the real estate sector. Those constantly evolving policies and regulations are having a transformative effect on how managers and investors operate, presenting them with both challenges and new opportunities. 

With this in mind, it could not be more important for participants within the industry to stay up to date with new developments and to implement strategies that enable them to effectively navigate the regulatory landscape. This is where GRESB comes into play, by offering assessments and other products to help the industry achieve compliance with the regulations while also gaining an improved understanding of their physical climate exposure and the risks of transition.

GRESB is a forward-thinking body that strives to collect and collate ESG execution documentation of the actors within the industry through sustainability reporting, publications, and first-hand engagement in order to promote comparable and competitive performances. Leading the way within this space, GRESB has a vital part to play in aiding the investment community to navigate through this ever-evolving landscape and to ultimately gain an improved understanding of the opportunities and risks that individual investments could pose. 

Founded back in 2009, GRESB is, today, recognised as a global real-estate industry collator, covering over two thousand real estate entities across more than 70 different markets. As the world’s leading real estate industry ESG benchmark, GRESB promotes the importance of collaboration with managers, asset operators, and investors alike to facilitate the transition towards a future that is more sustainable overall. 

By operating as a mission-guided organisation spearheaded by investors themselves, GRESB provides real estate managers and investors with a clear and structured tangible statement of the industry’s report and overall performance in regard to sustainability. Through the establishment of standards and by encouraging greater transparency via its assessments, GRESB is helping to create communities and investments that are both resilient and sustainable. 

Elite Asia as Official GRESB Partner

As an official GRESB partner, Elite Asia will be able to take advantage of the benefits brought about through partnership, including the opportunity to stand out from the crowd as an expert in the industry and as a thought leader, providing deeper insights into sustainability in order to identify the best possible investment opportunities. Through GRESB partnership, Elite Asia will be well-positioned to aid businesses in their mission to develop strong future strategies that will improve their lagging performances while also communicating effectively to their stakeholders their strong commitment to sustainability. 

Thanks to its official GRESB partnership, Elite Asia also gains eligibility to join both the GRESB Standards Committee and Expert Resource Group, thus gaining the opportunity to drive industry change and make a positive contribution to the future of sustainability. Through participation in industry working and advisory groups, the company will also be able to make a valuable input into GRESB’s assessment tools, framework, and components with a view to enhancing reporting transparency across the sector. 

Elite Asia is proud to offer its own comprehensive ESG solution that comprises marketing, content localisation, consultation and report creation across APAC with primary focus on Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. By offering support to this broad spectrum of organisations in their efforts to implement Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into their everyday working practice, Elite Asia is aiming to help businesses move forward into a more positive future where they can achieve a more positive impact and greater sustainability. To find out more about Elite Asia and the comprehensive ESG solution it can offer, get in touch today.

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