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Discover How A Certified Translation In Singapore Is Carried Out

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationDiscover How A Certified Translation In Singapore Is Carried Out
15 November 2022 Posted by eliteasia Certified Translation No Comments

A certified translation is often a necessity when the document is required by the authorities of a country when it is not in the language of that country. This may be because you are dealing with a business deal, marriage, or a death certificate when someone was living in another country yet a resident of another. Whatever your reason for needing a certified translation, Elite Asia is here to provide a first-class service.

How Certified Translation In Singapore Is Done

  1. First of all, be clear about what you actually need from the service. Is it a certified translation or a notarised translation? Does it require a certain official stamp? What kind of certifications does the country or public body accept? Do a little research as to what is being required, so ask the embassy who is requesting it, the officials involved, or the local authorities.
  2. Next, you need to find a reliable and accurate professional certified translation service provider. You don’t always need to take a physical copy to a certain location in this day and age. You can fax it over, send a high-quality image, scan it or even send it in an email. Always ensure that you choose a professional service as you can guarantee that it is free of errors, your documents will remain confidential, and you know that it will be accepted by the officials.
  3. Once you’ve made payment and the documents have been received by the translation company the work will begin. If your document has already been translated, it’s probably best to opt for final proofreading to make sure everything is accurate and then the newly translated document can be notarised and certified.
  4. If you need a hard copy of the document, a courier can deliver it to you quickly and safely. However, many times a soft copy such as a printout or an email is acceptable by officials.

Why Are Some Of The Certified Translation Order Costs Different?

There are many reasons why a certified translation may cost more at times than others. Here are just some potential reasons for a difference in the cost of translation:

  • Some kinds of language pairs, for example, English to Japanese, are more common than others, for example, Japanese to Spanish so it adds to the cost.
  • Some countries have different minimum wage requirements, so a certified translation in Asia will cost much less on average than if it was performed in Europe or America.
  • Translators have different skill levels, and you will pay more for an expert in the languages selected than for a beginner or intermediate translator.
  • The complexity of the translation is also another factor, with legal work like affidavits or medical documents costing more than a simple ID card or driving license.
  • Extra notarisation costs need to be considered too, for example, here at Elite Asia we offer a one-stop service of taking the document to the Notary Public for notarisation.
  • Speed of delivery can add costs as well, as you need something in a matter of hours you are paying for the privilege of someone working on it immediately.

If you need an important document certified and notarised, get in touch with Elite Asia today. We offer an affordable, accurate, one-stop service, and speedy service for any certificate, any language pair.

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