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Digital Transformation in Wellness and Healthcare

Elite AsiaHealth Wellness & FitnessDigital Transformation in Wellness and Healthcare

In this digital era, people can easily navigate their needs literally at the palm of their hand through smartphones. Even health and wellness could be digitalised and offer a lot of convenience for society. People these days are too busy to move their schedule for an appointment with a doctor or to match their gym class schedule. They prefer to download newly emerging healthcare apps and fitness channels and get a health consultation at their convenience anywhere and anytime. 

What is Digital Health

Digital healthcare is a collaboration between technology and medical science, including mobile app development, wearable devices, telehealth, telemedicine, and electronic medical records. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), digital health will become one of the contributing factors in decision-making as it will translate the latest data, research and evidence that could be used and shared for supporting the implementation of digital solutions. So it is no longer evitable to move forward and join the current digital revolution in wellness and healthcare.

Trending Digital Healthcare

When people adjust their work-life balance in this hectic modern lifestyle, the supply of digital wellness and healthcare applications is also rising to meet the demand. The five current digital health trends that are getting popular:

  • Telehealth – online consultation with credible doctors is now available on your smartphone or pc. People could easily choose the specialist they would like to consult with. Usually, the patients will get responses in a relatively short time. This is very convenient for people with limited access to healthcare facilities, such as if one has slight injuries while hiking or feels nauseous on the sea when there is no doctor to help to relieve the pain. However, it raises concern when patients need to describe how they feel. It would be more comfortable if expressed in their most familiar language. Having a trained and qualified interpreter as one of the features offered by telehealth services would also be an added value.  
  • Online Pharmacies – online shopping does not stop in the retail business but also healthcare. Pharmacies are now providing telemedicine services via apps, making it more convenient for both sides. Patients only need to order medicine or a doctor’s prescription through the app then it will either be delivered to the address or can be picked up at the nearest pharmacy. Again, having a remote interpreter translate a patient’s signs and symptoms will minimise the risk of misunderstanding and help increase the telemedicine customer experience.
  • Wellness and Fitness Apps – when it is hard to match your schedule with a class at the gym, or you simply don’t want to waste your money on gym memberships, there are a lot of wellness apps that you could subscribe to. Practising yoga, pilates, or core exercise wherever and whenever you want.
  • Virtual Reality Technology – virtual reality and augmented reality have been used for medical education, diagnosis, simulation and surgery. Helping medical practitioners think of various scenarios and assess the risk before or during medical procedures. This technology has been a huge leap in development in the medical world. 
  • Fitness Content in Social Media – health and fitness content creators are utilising social media as their platform to spread their content. Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms to reach society worldwide.

But how to get your wellness channel or healthcare apps become even more elevated and stand out among the others in the international market? Localising your apps, software, websites, and channels might be the answer. These digital healthcare products and services in multiple languages can help businesses connect with the global market. Adding extra value for the experience of your audience to understand better about your content and you will get a better engagement rate. Elite Asia is the perfect localisation partner to work on your localisation project. We offer Multilingual Health, Wellness, and Fitness Solutions that could help you reach better positioning in the global market, build a strong company image, and save your marketing expenses. Our team of professional linguists would be ready to take your localisation project to our best capability.

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