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Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Elite AsiaMarketingDigital Marketing Trends in 2020
18 September 2019 Posted by eliteasia Marketing No Comments

As we are now past the halfway mark of 2019, while businesses are still busy with this year’s efforts, they will also be looking to next year and what 2020 holds for the world of digital marketing.

There are no indications that digital marketing is going to be any less important. However, some digital marketing trends may take prominence in those 12 months. In the following post, we will look at five.

The Rise of New Technologies

In 2020 there are some sure-fire signs that businesses across sectors will start to use new technologies as part of their digital marketing strategies and to enhance the experience of their customers.

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence improve things overall. You can bet we will see these constantly evolving and improving technologies used on an even wider scale than they have been in the past.

Greater Emphasis on Personalisation in Email Marketing

Modern customers are looking for greater personalisation from companies and brands. Hence, this is why marketing teams appreciate the small and subtle things, that make the difference. Email marketing will continue to become more personalised and cater directly to specific segments of a company’s market.

Along with making emails more personal though, there is also going to be greater attention paid to developing emails that will work well on mobile handsets and devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as that’s where a large percentage of people access their personal email from.

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More Attention Will be Given to Geo-Marketing

Over the last few years, businesses, in general, have been utilising geo-marketing as part of their marketing strategies. However, with the demand for more accurate results, there’s been the development of geo-fencing and other brand-new technologies that bridge the gap ever so slightly between brands and their customers. Geo-fencing has been particularly effective as it enables businesses to build awareness for their brand and message while attracting competitors’ clients.

Video Will be Used to Enhancing SEO

Businesses use SEO to understand the behaviour of their consumers. Search engines are always making changes and updates to ensure the most engaging and user-friendly sites are displayed and presented to users. Hence, companies need to constantly switch their approach and focus to stay in the rankings when the algorithms change.

That’s where video comes into play because the content is shared around 1,2000% more than the complete sum of text and links. That’s why there will be more businesses that will use videos to improve their SEO.

More Conversational Engagement on Social Media

As social media has continued to take a foothold in the world, businesses have needed to adapt and become more approachable and personable with their target audience and customers. This will undoubtedly continue in 2020, with an even greater focus on brands using social listening over conversations concerning their rivals and their brand. This will be valuable for helping them understand the content that performs best.

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