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Digital 2022 – Legal

Elite AsiaE-BookDigital 2022 – Legal
12 January 2022 Posted by eliteasia E-Book No Comments

An important unsung hero to the resolution of a case


Digital 2022 Courtroom Unsung Hero focuses on the role of Court Interpreter and Court Document Translator as well as the latest technologies utilised in their works.

What’s inside

✔ The requirements, qualifications and duties of Court Interpreter and Court Document Translator

✔ Challenges faced by Court Interpreters and Court Document Translators

✔ Types of Courtroom Interpretation

✔ Types of legal documents needed for courtroom sessions

✔ Technologies such as CAT, Machine Translation, and Translation Management System as support for court interpreters and translators


By reading this eBook, you will have a deeper understanding of Court Interpreters and Court Document Translators’ responsibilities and why you should hire one.

Digital 2022 Legal eBook white cover

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