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Content Generation is Going Beyond Literal Translation

Elite AsiaMarketingContent Generation is Going Beyond Literal Translation
15 August 2023 Posted by eliteasia Marketing No Comments

Literal translation presents some significant issues when it comes to communicating effectively with a global audience. Some content simply cannot be translated literally as it doesn’t make sense in the target language. Other content may be culturally inappropriate, or incomprehensible to the overseas reader.

Content generation today must, therefore, go beyond a simple direct translation and, instead, convey the nuances, meaning, and context of the content so that the reader can fully engage with and understand it, no matter where in the world they live.

Types Of Documents

Content generation encompasses a wide range of different types of documents and more. While most people think about blog posts, marketing materials and reports when they bring the term “content generation” to mind, in fact, there is a lot more to a modern content generation strategy than simply text on a page.

These days, Content Generation covers everything from visual infographics and social media posts to videos, all of which work in combination to effectively reach the target audience and drive up brand engagement.

Capturing The Nuances And Conveying Meaning

It is becoming increasingly clear that, when it comes to marketing localisation, content generation must go beyond literal translation in order to convey its true meaning. Translation is simply the process of converting text from one language into another, but that process comes with inbuilt problems and failings.

For a start, a direct translation is unlikely to capture the emotional elements and nuances, not to mention the cultural references that are so crucial when it comes to communication and marketing. For this reason, something more is necessary, and that something more is Transcreation.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Generation With Transcreation?

When multilingual content generation is carried out in conjunction with skilled transcreation services, it achieves a host of benefits that are simply not available when only a direct literal translation is used.

For a start, transcreation allows for cultural adaptation. Skilled transcreation professionals can use their creative freedom and knowledge of cultural linguistics to maintain brand consistency and improve the brand’s global appeal whilst also ensuring that no unintentional offence or confusion is caused.

They can adapt the content so that it effectively resonates with local values, preferences and customs to ensure maximum relevance and impact at all times. This helps to avoid any cultural sensitivities whilst also creating content that will be well-received by its target market and that will foster a positive perception of the brand in the diverse global marketplace.

Furthermore, transcreation gives professionals the ability to recreate the brand’s marketing message in the most compelling way for the audience in question by using wordplay, idioms, humour, and creative expressions that are familiar to the viewer or reader in order to evoke the same impact and emotions as the original content intended while connecting on a deeper level.

Finally, transcreation also takes visual images into account, adapting them and designing them anew so that they align more effectively with the target audience’s cultural preferences and aesthetics. Visual adaptation will complement and work in conjunction with the transcreator’s linguistic creativity so that the message’s overall impact can be enhanced.

Elite Asia is a specialist in providing transcreation services for the global marketplace. Our team of professional transcreators are skilled in the use of linguistic creativity, visual adaptation, and cultural alignment in order to improve a brand’s reputation in the global marketplace and enable it to connect effectively with its international audience.

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