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Certified Translation Services For Smoothly Moving Into The New Country With Your Spouse

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationCertified Translation Services For Smoothly Moving Into The New Country With Your Spouse

If you’re relocating to a new country with your spouse, you will need certified translation services to make sure you have the right documentation to streamline the process and ensure it goes without a hitch.

Why Do I Need A Marriage Certificate For Immigration Documents?

You are an international applicant who is married to a citizen of the country to which you wish to relocate. And you must provide a marriage certificate to prove that you have a legal marriage. Thus, you have the legal right to enter and remain in the country with your partner.

When moving overseas, both the sponsor (who is the citizen of the country in question) and the applicant (their spouse) must prepare certain documents to facilitate the move. This includes passports, identity cards, and birth certificates.

Any document that is not in the accepted language must be translated and it must be a certified translation in order to be accepted by the authorities.

If I Am Bringing Children To Live Overseas, What Documentation Is Needed?

You will also need documentation for any children intending to live there too. However, the rules for some countries are different. So, if this is perhaps your second marriage and you intend to bring your children with you – assuming they are under 18 or 21 depending on the country you wish to make an application for – you also need to supply all of the relevant documentation for them too to ensure speedy processing.

The documents that are required must show both the child and the parents’ names, including birth certificates or adoption papers, and custody documents if a parent is divorced from the child’s other parent.

Again, if these documents are not in the appropriate language, certified translation services will be needed to provide a certified translation that will be accepted by the authorities. It is strongly suggested to check with the related departments.

What Is The Notarisation Process?

In order to obtain notarised or certified translations of official documentation for immigration purposes, the original document must be sent to a provider of certified translation services.

The document is translated by a professional translator and then the copy is brought to the notary public, who notarises the copy document and produces a notarial certificate. The document is also authenticated in order to submit the documentation to the authorities and for it to be accepted as an official copy for immigration purposes.

What Does Elite Asia Offer?

If you need certified translation services in order to move to another country with your spouse and children, Elite Asia is on hand to help. We can provide comprehensive certified translation services performed by professional certified translators. We can translate into any language, with the capacity to extend our certified translation services to include notarisation for a seamless experience when applying for visas and relocating overseas.

We can provide both soft and hard copies as necessary.

Choosing Elite Asia

When you choose Elite Asia for your Certified Translation Services, you’ll benefit from a professional experience, high-quality error-free translation, and 100% acceptance by officials in the country you’re applying for. We will help to ensure you have a smooth and streamlined process of submitting documents for your spouse and children’s visa application.

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