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Building Successful Investor Relations

Elite AsiaBusiness LocalisationBuilding Successful Investor Relations
13 April 2017 Posted by eliteasia Business Localisation No Comments

Every business needs a fund source. A business, whether an MNC or SME, without a funding source, will struggle to keep its operations functioning. This is why investors are essential. Capital from investors can be compared to a car’s fuel, without it, the vehicle will not run, and the same concept applies to any business. It is therefore very important to build and keep successful investor relations.

Aside from the fact that business owners are liable to provide a transparent report, it is a good practice to keep your investors’ trust in your company. These can be attained through various methods depending on the nature of your business. So, in order for you to start on the right foot with your investors, we will give some advices on how to achieve and keep a good business relationship with your investors.

How to Build Successful Investor Relations:

How to Build Successful Investor Relations:

Keep Your Communication Open

It is not easy to impress possible investors to finance your company especially if you are new in the business. And it is even more difficult to keep them satisfied once they have decided to finance you. So, in order to ensure that targets and goals are transparent to everyone, you need to make sure that communication is constant and clear. From convincing potential investors until the ROI (Return on Investment) has been met. If your business is starting to expand internationally and becomes an MNC (Multinational Corporation/Company), it is significant to acquire a professional and qualified translator should there be a need for discussion in another language. This will help build better communication and trust among stakeholders, thus, resulting in a better business flow.

Be Transparent with the Good and the Bad News

Once proper communication has been established, everything related to the business should be transparent to the investors as well. This includes the good and the bad news. It is a moral and professional obligation on your part to make sure that the status of the business is clear. If there are marketing campaigns that have been done, do send them a link or a clip of the advertisement. If there are setbacks that caused financial losses, give them the information and reports. Make sure to include an accurate translation of these updates to your investors who are in another region or who are using a different language. Aside from providing your stakeholders with the right to know, it will also help you manage their expectations better. This will help you plan better for the company’s future.

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Proper Documentation and Reports

It is essential in every business to keep track of the progress or regress of the company. In providing these reports, always ensure that business updates, financial records and annual reviews are correctly done. Translation of these materials should be meticulously processed especially if the business is a multi-cultured company. Since accounting practices differ from region to region, it is therefore crucial for the translator to have an ethical and professional understanding of the business nature. This will ensure that the documents and reports are translated in a meaningful and accurate manner, eliminating any discrepancies and confusion between you and your investors.

Ask for Advice and Business Guidance

Your investors are not only a source of funds, remember that they can also be a source of advice and guidance for your company. This can be essential, especially for the ones who have been in the business for a long time. You can always seek their professional counsel. Aside from giving them the feeling of importance in this endeavour, you are also giving them the chance to provide insights and guidance. This build a strong relations between you and the investor, and might even result in a better turnaround of your business and it keeps everyone involved.

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