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Benefits of Using Legal Transcription

Elite AsiaLegalBenefits of Using Legal Transcription
26 October 2021 Posted by eliteasia Legal Transcription No Comments

Although audio and video recording are the traditional practice in legal proceedings, switching over to legal transcripts help resolve the deficiencies and inaccuracies in many ways. A legal transcription is created by transcribing a legal proceeding from an audio or spoken format into a typed format, either digital or on paper. This provides an accurate, verbatim recording of witness testimonies and judge or jury decisions.

Benefits of transcribing audio or video of court cases

1. Best format for the attorneys

A professionally prepared legal transcription with timestamps and speaker identification help attorneys keep track of the flow of information and the timeline of events. It is critical for creating a case, identifying inconsistencies in testimonies and retrieving relevant information.

2. Important parts can be highlighted

With a written transcript, attorneys can easily go through the file, analyse and highlight the important parts and make necessary notes. It helps attorneys formulate questions in an easier way instead of relying on memory and spending times to playback the audio repeatedly.

3. Provide accuracy and clarity

A legal transcription is an effective practice to eliminate ambiguity and unclarity which may appear in a video or audio recording. Attorneys may find it difficult to understand if a suspect is having a conversation in a foreign language in the recording. A complete transcript including background conversation dialogue could also be a valuable insight to solving a case.

4. Enhance accessibility

Digital or paper legal transcriptions can be easily stored and organized based on specific needs and system. Attorneys can provide a transcript to jurors and others involved to make sure all parties receive the same information from the evidence, reducing the risk of misinterpretation.


Benefits of using legal transcription services

1. Better resource allocation

Not only does outsourcing the legal transcription job to a professional service provider free up busy law firm workers for other more important administration work, it also helps prevent inaccuracies and delays in delivery. Elite Asia’s legal transcription service has been frequently used by many distinguished law firms, receiving high satisfaction rating by providing accurate transcription services with a reliable data leakage prevention system.

2. Save time and money

Law firms have to pay for wages, benefits, overtime, equipment and even training if they decided to employ a full-time transcription staff in house. It costs far more than finding a reputable company to outsource transcription to, not to mention they are trained professional with legal knowledge and need not to worry about the accuracy and delivery.

3. Customised format

All legal transcription projects and reports can be customised and delivered in accordance to the respective schedules and specific requirements of each client. Files can be standardised to match with in-house style for better organisation and categorisation.


Legal proceedings hinge on accuracy and subtlety where a single phrase can have a great impact on the final outcome. Legal transcription is a worthwhile investment, alleviating attorney’s heavy workload, reducing risk of error as well as saving money and resource for the law firms.

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