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Benefits of Translation in Banking & Finance Industry

Elite AsiaBanking & FinanceBenefits of Translation in Banking & Finance Industry
2 July 2018 Posted by eliteasia Banking & Finance No Comments

The financial industry is a powerhouse today, just as it was a couple of decades ago. Of course, one cannot argue the supremacy of today’s technology firms such as Google and Apple. However, this does not mean the finance and banking industry has taken a backseat.

In fact, the banking and finance industry enjoys far more competition than it once used to. In such a competitive scenario, where global domination is the end game, banks and financial institutions need to capture the interests of local markets across the globe.

So, how can they do that? Well, the solution lies in translation services and solutions. Here are a few examples of how translation services/solutions can aid and benefit banking and financial firms. Most of all, these solutions need to ensure they stay relevant in a globalised business landscape.

Asset Management

Translation can help banks and financial institutions provide instant and accurate account information to local clients in their own language.  Today’s translation solutions are evolved enough to take on the challenges posed by financial translation.

By choosing translation services, companies can move away from traditional printed performance reports. Instead, use e-mail, web-based portals, and other innovative solutions to connect with their clients.

Commercial Banking

Commercial banking has evolved a fair bit in the past and it occupies a significant amount of online space today. Needless to say, this has allowed financial firms to access opportunities across the globe. But, then again, how can these banks tap into local markets?

Well, translation services are the solution. Translation services can help banks develop localised marketing campaigns using detailed analyses of their goals.

In conclusion, it’s an investment that delivers dividends.

Investment Banking

Investment banking is a fast-paced field. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for global financial and banking firms to understand the needs of their local clients. The growth in the number of cross-border transactions has boosted the need for documents and other related materials to be available in more than one language.

Translation services can help financial organisations meet this need in a fast and accurate manner. More importantly, it can be done within a fixed budget.

Translation firms offer their services and expertise round the clock.

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Multinational insurance firms have to deal with the pressure of representing a large number of business segments. Furthermore, there are agencies, affiliates, and subsidiaries to deal with. Now, imagine having to do this across the globe.

This is where translation services come in. They offer a localisation platform that is designed to reduce hospitality costs, training costs, and reduce training cycles for new hires.

The need to stay relevant in a global market is extremely important for banking and financial companies. Translation and localisation is the only way to achieve relevancy.

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