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7 Tips to Boost a Global Marketing Campaign

Elite AsiaMarketing7 Tips to Boost a Global Marketing Campaign
9 July 2019 Posted by eliteasia Marketing No Comments

You are trying to advertise your global marketing campaign on an international level. Hence, it is important that you effectively use translation.

In order to appeal to and engage with your target audience, you should use the right vocabulary, with the right translation. It is more than just translating word for word, one must take the foreign language into consideration. In the following post, we look at 7 tips to boost your global marketing campaign.

#1: Know and Understand Your Target Audience

It’s crucial that you understand that language can be very different from region to region in the same country. Furthermore, it can differ between generations. Hence, it is incredibly pertinent you understand your target audience, to come up with the correct translation and advertising.

#2: Don’t Rely on Machine Translation

Machine Translations, such as Google Translate, promise accurate and quick results. However, the translations are not nearly as accurate as they could be. These machine translations are very literal and are not a good fit for translation and advertising. Hence, you should not opt for machine translation for your global marketing campaigns.

#3: Appreciate the Effectiveness of Transcreation

Literal translation often misses the main point in an advertisement. Therefore, rather than conducting word for word translation, you should opt for transcreation. Using the right tone and wording for that specific audience. It’s also a good idea to use a person with prior knowledge to carry out the transcreation. Someone who has knowledge of the local market and can make the ad sound authentic.

#4: Utilise SEO Experts from the Local Market

When trying to firmly establish your brand and company on an international level, it’s important to have consistency. However, that does not mean you need to use the exact same tactics and marketing plans. You should seek the help of experts who understand localisation issues for the markets you are trying to operate within.

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#5: Adapt SEO Strategies for Target Markets

When you are targeting foreign markets, you should adapt your SEO strategies for those markets. This is to ensure your SEO is tailored to the marketplaces individually.

#6: Multilingual Layout and Typesetting

In many translations, it is very common to reproduce and reformat ads in layouts and typefaces you are unfamiliar with. Therefore, you should consider hiring someone who has the knowledge and prior experience in translating into that language.

#7: Consider Cultural Implications in your Global Marketing Campaign

Note: One idea that works for one market in one country might be of an offence in another. Therefore, it is important to check and determine whether the right messages are translated.

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