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7 Must-Haves in Your FinTech Website

Elite AsiaFinTech7 Must-Haves in Your FinTech Website
5 July 2017 Posted by eliteasia FinTech No Comments

In the fiercely competitive FinTech market, your website is a key differentiator, drawing potential customers to your product, ethos and voice. Naturally, it should be appealing and functional, giving visitors the confidence to take the desired call to action – fill up your contact form, call you, or seek live chatting assistance immediately. What can set your website apart from the competition?

1. Persuasive Copy

Great copy is a sum of many parts. Besides communicating succinctly how your service can solve a challenge or help capitalise on an opportunity, you also need to establish an authentic voice that conveys your brand personality clearly. When replicated across your social media pages, consistent messaging and voice can make you memorable and appear more trustworthy.

2. User-Centric Design

A website focused on the user considers a number of factors in its design, such as fast loading times, uncluttered webpages, and quick and easy access to information by utilising an appropriate format and navigational features.

3. An Active Blog

A blog continuously updated with new content can improve your website’s search engine performance. It can also distinguish you as a thought leader and encourage people to engage with your brand.

4. Multilingual Support

As you move forward with your internationalisation goal, it’ll become necessary to localise your website. 73% of Internet users are not browsing in English. To effectively reach out to online audiences in other countries, get translations right, make it easy to select the language of choice on your homepage, and ensure that your website feels and works as good as it does in its original language.

5. An FAQ Page

An FAQ page not only gives visitors a quick overview of your product and answers to specific questions but also allows you to promote some of the other pages on your website. If your FAQ page is long, break it down into sections with relevant queries and answers under each section.

6. Add Photos of Your Management Team

Build trust and make your brand more human by including photographs of Founder(s) and key Management Executives. Professionally taken photographs of smiling Executives – along with their brief bio – can give visitors yet another reason to connect with your brand.

7. Interactive Widget

An interactive widget to your landing page can explain your product and pricing in 30 seconds or less. It’s a useful, strategic feature for busy visitors, who after briefly considering your product and quote, can bookmark your website and return at a later time.

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