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5 Tips for Maintaining Brand Consistency and Message Across Cultures

Elite AsiaMarketing5 Tips for Maintaining Brand Consistency and Message Across Cultures
5 June 2017 Posted by eliteasia Marketing No Comments

Did you know that almost half your customers are ready to spend more if they can be promised an experience with brand consistency?

Well, studies tell us that they do. So, if you aren’t aiming for brand consistency across the map, you’re going to have problems with your bottom line. Brand consistency has always been important because it helps create trust, boost loyalty, and generate revenue.

 Maintaining Brand Consistency and Message Across Cultures

Your customers across the globe expect you to produce content and information that they can recognise. Brand consistency is the foundation on which the future of your relationship with your customers rests on.

So, before it’s too late, you need to start applying these tips to make sure your brand’s message remains the same across various markets.

Be distinct, but, don’t change

The way your brand looks and sounds is an important consideration to be made with regards to your localisation strategy.  You need to make sure you retain your true identity across international markets. So, take the time to sit back and think about what attributes need to be retained and what can be altered within a specific market.

If there are attributes that simply do not work for a certain market, it’s okay to get rid of them. However, if it’s a core attribute, you might want to reconsider. Find a way to strike a balance.

For example, Coca-Cola uses Arabic wording instead of the original English wording for the Middle Eastern market. But, they’ve retained their characteristic brand colours, red and white, which make them instantly recognisable.

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Establish brand guidelines

Establish brand guidelines

These are guidelines that determine what kind of font needs to be used, where the logo needs to be placed, and what colours to use. More importantly, they also cover topics such as brand attributes, brand stories, and brand positioning.

All of this is necessary if you want to make sure local teams are on board. Brand guidelines can help local teams understand what your brand is all about and communicate the same to customers in the form of a positive experience.

Have a style guide

Style guides are guides for your brand’s written content. They ensure that attributes such as the brand’s personality, tone, and style remain the same across all markets. But, they should do more. For instance, they should help your language services provider realise why having the same tone or personality matters.

By answering the why part of the puzzle, you make it easier for translators to provide consistent messages for every market.

Hand over your marketing collateral to local teams

Don’t hesitate to hand over your collateral to local teams. Let them make changes when and if necessary. However, before you do that, create a template. This will ensure that your local teams don’t alter core attributes and that they stick to the original idea.

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Talk to the local sales team

Local sales teams are a core part of the localisation process and they definitely play a role in ensuring that your brand messages are communicated with consistency. Explain to them why your messages cannot be altered beyond a point and why consistency is very important.

At the same time, make it a point to listen to them as they are the people closest to your customers. They understand the ground reality and might have valuable feedback to provide.

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