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5 Tips for Digital Transformation in Law Firms

Elite AsiaLegal5 Tips for Digital Transformation in Law Firms
26 July 2019 Posted by eliteasia Legal No Comments

Modern law firms are operating in an increasingly digitised world, they too need to find the right digital technology to be successful. Cryptography, mobility, artificial intelligence and cloud computing are all pushing most industries, including law, and evolving them. Hence, if your law firm is looking to undergo a digital transformation, continue reading this article. We have put together 5 tips to help get the full benefit, both operationally and commercially.

Push for Change Culturally

It is not enough to merely adopt technology and give way to digitisation to transform your business digitally. There needs to be a cultural shift too. This involves changing your employees’ perspective of technology while updating your firm’s processes and business models at the same time. However, don’t try to rush it though. It all takes time and a measured approach.

Use Technology Platforms with Strategic Value

Another important aspect of digital transformation is the reliance on secure and fully integrated platforms, from a functional point of view. A law firm can gain many benefits from using this client data security. Such as enhancing the productivity of lawyers, improving user experience and balancing a working environment.

Focus on the Experience of the User

All the best computing platforms out there today provide the best experience for the user they possibly can. Users are looking for systems that improve their productivity, make the users feel efficient, are intuitive and most crucially, secure. Therefore, to achieve digital transformation success within the workplace, the digital systems put in place need to offer the users the same experience they would have from the comfort of their own home using computers and other equipment outside of work.

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Plan and Prepare to use Innovative Technology

You should plan and prepare and not be opposed to using innovations. For example, if you offer translation services, you could invest in MTPE. It is a machine learning powered by AI, coupled with post-editing, carried out by a human. Doing this, in general, can help you understand the requirements of your clients more. In addition, you can present new ways organisational know-how and technology can be utilised to meet client demands, in a very quick and to the point manner.

Taking the Right Security Measures

As you’d undoubtedly imagine, law firms are a prime target for cybercriminals. When it comes to a law firm following through on digital transformation, t is important that security issues are high on the agenda. They need to take incorporate working security measures with policy-based controls and need-to-know security, making use of records management and strong encryption.

IT’s also essential they layer their defences with security by design, so they have as many kinds of safeties in place. Analytics and AI are the best hope for an automated detection system that counter-acts when security breaches are attempted.

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