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Market Your Product Worldwide: 3 Tips to Amplify Your Website Visitor Experience

Elite AsiaBusiness LocalisationMarket Your Product Worldwide: 3 Tips to Amplify Your Website Visitor Experience
24 January 2023 Posted by eliteasia Business Localisation No Comments

The pandemic has changed the world in many aspects, especially the global economy. For the last few years, people are getting easier to shop for all their needs from electronics, clothes, and even groceries online. By 2022, there are more than 26 million e-commerce sites across the globe. Looking at the massive traffic of people doing online shopping worldwide, it is unquestionable that e-commerce website platforms must sharpen their edges to compete in the market by offering something more appealing and winning people’s hearts from different regions. And localising the e-commerce site would be a good move to widen market reach. Localising e-commerce sites means the sites would be customised to the preference of a certain region language but still give the same information and essential details of the products or services offered.

The Competition Between E-commerce Sites

It is no longer uncommon for people to search for anything they need to buy on the internet nowadays. It might be for comparing the prices, checking the availability of the items or just for the sake of convenience and ordering it online to save time. Moreover, according to NASDAQ, by the year 2040, 95% of the shopping will be done online. This means, whenever a customer landed on the page of a certain e-commerce site, the page itself needs to be as attractive as possible to make them linger more and convert into potential paying customers.

By saying so, the competition between e-commerce sites is more than just a visual web design, but also includes the interface, customer relationship management, shipping method option, scope of shipping, payment methods, and of course language options. Thus, customers’ experience satisfaction is what you need to focus on while making them comfortable in navigating your e-commerce site. Not only until the deal was made, but this competition also extended to the aftersales experience for the customers.

Market Your Product Worldwide with Effective Translation

When an e-commerce site is available in many languages, it enables the platform to reach more target markets in different regions worldwide, especially when it offers a detailed description of the items or products they are selling. This is what would convince the customers to seal the deal. Furthermore, by localising your e-commerce sites, you can also strategise on planning a marketing campaign and promotional offers according to the local events and calendar. And by knowing your customers’ behaviour better, you can plan to meet the demands of specific preferences of your customers.

At Elite Asia, our linguist team consists of experienced translators that have expertise in many respective languages and fields. We will translate and localise your e-commerce site according to local regulations and policies. We can also make sure that your sites could get better search ranking, traffic, and click rates. This would be an advantage to make your e-commerce site more trustable and credible than others.

3 Things to Amplify Your E-Commerce Visitor Experience

In any retail business, one of the most important aspects is customer satisfaction. This could be reflected by returning customers, who are usually those who experience the best service from the platform. Elite Asia took your company’s translation project seriously to give the best result. Here are 3 things that Elite Asia could help you in increasing your e-commerce site visitors’ experience:

  • Impeccable Page Translation – with the Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology, we can translate your page in a short period of time, with high accuracy to avoid any miscommunication. Moreover, the post-editing would be carried out by our linguist to produce localised content that is most suitable to your target market and most importantly, it could save much on cost.
  • Better Checkout Experience – when the deal is about to close, the most important step is payment. The more accessible for the customer to checkout, the better. Providing simple and clear checkout instructions or guides, while also giving the option of payment methods and localising currencies, and symbols based on each country is a good move to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Localise Your Brand Identity – this could go a long way when you localise your page to meet the preference or culture of your target market’s region. Your site’s content could be friendlier and give customers a comfortable feeling to spend more time on your page and browse more.

Elite Asia offers you multilingual services that could help you amplify your exposure to the world by localising your e-commerce website to your target market region. Our services extend to digital marketing translation where we could also assist you in promoting your product effectively by translating your content accurately.

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